How I passed the AWS Security Specialty Exam

Don’t get bogged down to record every single white paper, video course or book you may want to check out. The important thing is to get organized and start studying – you will create new cards aws certified security specialist and move old ones as you study along. I recently passed the exam for the AWS Security Specialty Certification and I thought I’d share some tips and resources I used to prepare for the exam.

All of this and much more is covered in great detail in our AWS Certified Security Specialty online training so you have everything you need at your fingertips to fully prepare for this exam. We teach you through a unique combination of video lectures, guided hands-on exercises, practice questions and cheat sheets. This AWS Security training is considered specialist-level AWS training, which means it was designed for security engineers with at least five years of experience.

Use Git like a senior engineer

I personally prefer to cover most of the study material first and then book the exam few weeks in advance. I personally love studying on physical books as they keep me away from screens and internet distractions. Unfortunately, unlike other AWS certifications, there aren’t many books specifically dedicated to the AWS Security Specialty Certification. The only one available at the time I studied was Zeal Vora’s AWS Certified Security Specialty Study Guide published in 2018. Although I found the book useful as its content is very hands-on, there are lots of spelling mistakes, typography issues, and awkward phrasing. This included few wrong commands, mainly due to misprints and poor typesetting.

aws certified security specialist training

Earning AWS Certified Security – Specialty validates knowledge of data and workload security in the AWS Cloud. AWS has consistently provided the best solutions for a wide range of industries, assisting them in achieving the best results. This credential assists organizations in identifying and developing talent with critical skills for cloud initiatives. Because of the introduction of future technologies such as Machine Learning, AWS’ services have become even more advanced.

What is the AWS Certified Security Specialist’s salary?

Some video courses offer hands-on labs to practise what you learn during the course. For example, A Cloud Guru offers hands-on labs as part of their subscription offering and the security course has several labs as video content that you can practise on your own AWS account. All of our video lessons, practice exams and training notes are regularly updated to reflect the latest AWS changes. For all practice exams, you get a breakdown of results for each knowledge area category so you can evaluate your performance and understand your strengths and weaknesses.